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Dry Eye Relief

iVIZIA lubricant eye drops offer an advanced formulation and innovative bottle design in an over-the-counter (OTC) solution to provide relief for your patients who suffer from dry eyes.

Your patients will see the difference with preservative-free iVIZIA that delivers a comprehensive combination of lasting relief and ocular surface protection.1-6
iVIZIA Dry Eye Drops

Advantages of iVIZIA Lubricant Eye Drops

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iVIZIA lubricant eye drops are a preservative-free therapeutic advancement, combining the proven protective properties of trehalose with hyaluronic acid (HA) and povidone to offer extended relief to patients with any type of dry eye, including your patients who wear contact lenses.* Other than the inclusion of povidone, iVIZIA lubricant eye drops use the same formulation as Thealoz® Duo, the #1 prescribed dry eye drops in Europe.

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*To limit blurriness when using contact lenses, remove contacts, apply drops, then insert contacts.
Source: Rx market data, Dec. 2022 - S01K without cyclosporine

Tackle the vicious circle of dry eye

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Dry eye disease can be difficult to effectively treat, and it can be difficult to provide relief for your patients. It is a vicious circle with multiple entry points, but the combination of ingredients in iVIZIA lubricant eye drops can deliver much-needed relief to your patients.

The ingredients in iVIZIA target every entry point of the vicious dry eye circle with 4 actions that enable cells to maintain viability while strengthening the tear film and improving its stability:

  • Osmoregulation—allows the balance of the osmotic pressure on both sides of the cell membrane and thus limits the movement of water4,12
    • Hypotonic formulation designed to combat hyperosmolarity in the tear film
    • Prevents water leakage from cytoplasm (osmoprotection)
  • Stabilizes lipid bilayers13
  • Protects proteins13
  • Prevents denaturation/degeneration of proteins13
  • Induces autophagy (recycling of cell materials) to maintain cell homeostasis and reduce apoptosis (cell death)1,4

The Vicious Circle of Dry Eye

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Help your patients see eye care differently

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The iVIZIA portfolio of eye care products has been developed to offer advanced preservative-free solutions. When you recommend iVIZIA products to your patients, you can be confident that you are recommending a trusted combination of lasting relief and protection.

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iVIZIA Dry Eye Products
Dry Eye Products

iVIZIA Lubricant Eye Drops—a preservative-free formulation with the active ingredient povidone 

  • Active ingredient enhanced by trehalose and hyaluronic acid (HA)
    • Trehalose provides bioprotection, osmoprotection, and rehydration1-4
    • HA and povidone deliver lubrication with long-lasting relief 5,6
  • Increased tear film thickness for up to 240 minutes9
  • Packaged in the proprietary ABAK bottle—a multi-dose bottle capable of delivering calibrated eye drops
  • Suitable for all dry eye sufferers, including contact lens wearers*

Also available as a gel for severe and/or nighttime use

iVIZIA Eyelid Hygiene Products
Eyelid Hygiene Products

iVIZIA Eyelid Cleansing Wipes—convenient daily cleansing for sensitive eyelids

  • No preservatives, parabens, soaps, or perfumes
  • Micellar formula gently breaks up and lifts lid oils and makeup
  • Ingredients include botanicals and zinc
  • No rinsing necessary after use
  • Clinically shown to reduce eyelid discomfort over time23

iVIZIA Micellar Eyelid Cleanser—economical daily cleansing for eyelids

  • Liquid formulation with no BAK preservatives, parabens, soaps, or perfumes
  • Suitable for daily hygiene of eyelids, particularly at the base of the eyelashes
  • Micellar formula gently breaks up and lifts lid oils and makeup
  • No rinsing necessary after use

iVIZIA Eyelid Cleansing Gel—economical daily cleansing for sensitive eyelids

  • Preservative free, using proprietary Steri-Free Technology to protect gel from bacteria contamination after opening
  • Only 5 ingredients—each providing efficacy and safety to gently remove oils and makeup
  • Accurate and regular doses dispensed via the Mega Airless Pump
  • No rinsing necessary after use
  • Clinically shown to be a gentle and effective formula24
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*To limit blurriness when using contact lenses, remove contacts, apply drops, then insert contacts.

The iVIZIA Story

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The iVIZIA commitment to advancing eye care dates back to the 19th century when the Chibret family in France—a family of ophthalmologists and inventors—strived to invent new and safe eye drops.

After its founding in 1994, Laboratoires Théa was among the first eye care companies to introduce preservative-free products, an accomplishment that to this day is unmatched by major competitors. Today, Laboratoires Théa continues its pursuit of solutions that are more efficacious, more ergonomic, and safer. By constantly innovating, Théa has become the market leader in dry eye treatments in Europe.*

Coming together to see a better way

In collaboration with Similasan, a Swiss-based leader in homeopathic OTC products with a focus on eye and ear products, Théa offers its technology and innovative preservative-free products to the US consumer under the iVIZIA brand of products—with iVIZIA lubricant eye drops as the foundation of the product line and formulated to cover the spectrum of dry eye relief.
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Results from in vivo studies of iVIZIA and Thealoz® Duo demonstrated the same rheological behaviors and pre-clinical effects between the two products. This means that iVIZIA, which is formulated with povidone, achieves the same results for patients as Thealoz Duo, the #1 prescribed dry eye drops in Europe.25,*

* Source: Rx market data, Dec. 2022 - S01K without cyclosporine

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Open your patients’ eyes to innovative eye care with iVIZIA

Offer relief to your patients who suffer from dry eyes—with iVIZIA lubricant eye drops.

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Eye Drops Application

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