iVIZIA Dry Eye Drops


iVIZIA For Dry Eyes

  • Scientifically formulated to relieve dryness, discomfort, and strain from dry eyes.
  • Unique formula made with hydrating polymers that form a protective matrix over your eyes, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, and revitalizing trehalose.
  • Preservative-free bottle; consistently dispenses drop by drop (does not stream).
  • Safe with contact lenses.
  • From the makers of the #1 doctor prescribed* dry eye brand in Europe.

Available in 5ml and 10ml sizes

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From the makers of the #1 doctor prescribed dry eye brand in Europe

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iVIZIA ingredient povidone

POVIDONE (active ingredient)

A hydrating polymer that significantly decreases dry eye discomfort. Hydrating polymers form a protective matrix over the eye.

iVIZIA ingredient hyaluronic acid


Also called sodium hyaluronate is widely used and well known in skin care and eye care. One of the most water-loving molecules in nature, it can be described as "nature’s moisturizer". It can bind 1000 times its weight in water.

iVIZIA ingredient trehalose

TREHALOSE (enhancer)

Trehalose is a bioprotectant that can be found in nature. It is a disaccharide synthetized by plants such as the Rose of Jericho, as a response to stress (dryness, osmopressure, freezing). Trehalose is extracted from starch in a large-scale enzymatic process.

The Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla), or resurrection plant, can survive extreme dehydration thanks to trehalose.

Dried Selaginella lepidophlla

Dried Rose
of Jericho

Selaginella lepidophlla 2 hours after water

2 hours after
being given water

Selaginella lepidophlla 24 hours after water

24 hours after
being given water


Only available from iVIZIA, our unique preservative-free ABAK bottle eliminates the need for preservatives, which can be irritating to the eye over time.

Unlike some other preservative-free bottles, the ABAK bottle is larger, easy to squeeze and consistently dispenses drop-by-drop, without “streaming” or squirting.

iVIZIA Drops Bottle Diagram

Patients rate the iVIZIA-style easy-squeeze ABAK™ bottle as:*


easy to open


easy to handle


easy to get drops

* Gabisson, P, Briat B, Le Foll J, et al. Handiness and acceptability of the new ABAK bottle in chronically treated patients. A cross-sectional, retrospective, and multi-center study. Ann Pharm. Fr. 2010;69(1):22-9 (N=654, n=448 > 60 years of age)

Our preservative free bottle is patented in US territory (US7971755, US9174777, US10857067 and US11116694)


Povidone provides lubrication, while enhancers like sodium hyaluronate and trehalose work together to last up to 4X longer.

Trehalose and Hyaluronic Acid "HA" work together to provide a significant increase in tear film thickness for up to 240 minutes after a single administration compared with patients receiving a solution of HA alone.

Tear Film Thickness Over Time

iVIZIA tear film thickness over time

N=32 patients suffering from moderate-to-severe dry-eye.
Multicentred, randomized, double-masked, fellow eye-controlled study.
Trehalose+HA  in one eye and unpreserved NaCl 0.9%, in the other eye, 4-6 times/day during 28 days.  The T-BUT was assessed at baseline, Day 14 and Day 28.